Who We Are

Building upon 3 decades of research, The Institute believes there is evidence that a foursome of forces, principles and elemental components serve as the backbone to the cosmos’ many levels. The intention of The Four Element Institute is to be both a resource and a place of collaboration for academics, independent scholars and the lay public to integrate four-element holistic thinking into their field of interest.

If you are in the academic community we will work with you to see places in your research where insight might be gained by defining a foursome set of interlocking principles or forces operating on the various levels of your field.

If you are a PhD student looking for an innovative research project we will work with you and your advisor to facilitate ways for you to apply the four-element holistic model to your research.

If you are an independent scholar – a person making an effort to understand a particular part of the world – we will help you gain the resources to apply the four-element holistic model to the topic of your interest.

If you have already been doing research related to this topic and would like to be listed as a resource to others, you can use us to help you disseminate your research results.