About Dr. Walsdorf

Dr. Walsdorf is not your average doctor. For over 30 years he has dedicated his life toward finding the best in natural treatments – often combining parts of both Eastern and Western medicine.

An important part of what makes him so unique and helpful for so many people coming in with a wide variety of problems is his 4 Element Healing System.

This system of healing enables him to work on deep health issues that involve organs like the heart, stomach and adrenals, as well as skeletal issues that involve back and foot pain, arthritis and posture. He has a leading-edge weight loss program as well.

Dr. Walsdorf can even use the 4 Element Healing System to help people who suffer with sinus, headache, migraine, ear and jaw problems.

Dr. Walsdorf does not treat illnesses and diseases per se, but instead finds the underlying body weaknesses that allow a person’s problems to arise. He uses a group of special Work-ups to assist him in discovering the underlying nutritional or structural causes of each person’s problem.

Dr. Walsdorf is the author of the book, Nature Can Heal You: An Introduction to the 4 Element Lifestyle. His goal in writing the book is to help people in and beyond Syracuse to discover a self-renewing natural way of living and healing.