Participate In Our Early Alzheimer’s Study

Do you or someone you care about have Early Alzheimer’s, live in the Greater Syracuse community, and want to become part of an innovative, drug-free study? 

Hi, I’m Dr. Walsdorf. I’ve been a holistic chiropractor here in Syracuse for over 35 years. My practice has been one focused on improving the functioning of the structural elements that build the different regions of our human body. This has included the skull region, with its brain inside.

Over the course of these three decades I’ve been doing research regarding the how the input of motion within a region can stimulate life-positive physiological processes in that region. And indeed, I’ve been particularly focused on skull. Which brings me to this current study I’m creating.

If you have been diagnosed with Early Alzheimer’s, as part of this study you have the chance to help create a new brain wellness model. This new model speaks of a self-reliance we each can gain by purposefully moving our head in a set of easy-to-learn ways. These motions, according to this new model, will give more resiliency to the brain and perhaps renew its functioning. This occurs because those motions you’ll be doing are theorized to stimulate life-positive physiological processes in your brain.

I’ve been using these exercise motions with my patients over these years with only good things happening; there has never been any negative things that have occurred. As mentioned the exercise motions you will be taught are easy to learn; it is just a matter of doing them.

If you have Early Alzheimer’s and want to be part of this study you will be agreeing do these 10 minute exercises at least twice a day.

In fact, I encourage you to do them as often as you can think of doing them. Part of the study includes you keeping a journal of how often you do them and your feelings as or after you do them each week. Before joining this study you will need to present me with the results of any recent cognitive impairment tests you’ve had over the last 18 months, as well as complete the one I will use as well. At 6, 9 and 12 months these tests will be retaken.

If you are chosen, you will come to my office with fellow members of this study to learn these exercises and get your journal. You will come twice a week for one week and once a week for the three following weeks and every other week for the next month, then monthly for the duration of the study.

There is no charge to you to become part of this study. There are no spinal adjustments or nutritional supports that are part of this study. You will not be required  or even recommended to buy or purchase anything.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact us with the subject Study Participation