4 Element Scorecard

Creating a Great Life with Good Routines

Keep in mind that the four elements (and the life-positive forces they convey) are gifts, which Creation gives us to live a wise, healthy, joyfully balanced, and successful life. Few things in our world gift as much as these  four do – and daily!

Toward the goal of helping you to create good routines, I’ve created the 4 Element Scorecardtm. It is worth appreciating that it is generally with our routines that we either do, or do not, engage these four principles of life. Good routines work because they help us to consistently draw these life-positive cosmic principles into ourselves.

As you do use this scorecard, you’ll find that you’ll be drawing their ideals and energies into yourself more regularly. You’ll soon notice that the more you can tap into them the more vibrant, fun, interesting, and productive your life will be. In the process, you’ll find yourself living a more four-element-inspired life.

Try the 4 Element Scorecard as part of the Dr. Walsdorf’s 30 Day Holistic Challenge on growingholistically.com.