The 4 Element Institute is dedicated to the research and dissemination of information, related to seeing the foursome of Nature in holistic ways. While we are particularly focused on Four Element Holistic Theory (FEHT), we seek to be a collaborative resource for others using different ways of approaching and applying “the four elements”.

The following are some of what is included in The Institute’s work. 

I.   Holistic Applications: From Physics to Chemistry, Medicine to Biomechanics, Politics to Economics

This project is current and ongoing. It is open to both academics and independent scholars who want to apply the leading-edge concepts of FEHT (or other four-element approaches) to their field of work.

We have a mechanism to help PhD students looking for a thesis topic apply this ancient knowledge system to their research goals. You can contact us with an email to learn more how you can begin applying four-element holistic thinking to your field of interest.

1.  Spring 2024: Applying Holistic Four-Element Biomechanical Concepts Toward Helping People with Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Persons with early Alzheimer’s will be taught simple skull-related isometric exercises to determine the potential affect of head posture on brain health. Read More

ll.   Research of Greek and Other Pre-Modern People’s Work with Nature’s Four Elements  

The Institute believes it will prove valuable to study how pre-modern cultures used the four element template in the development of their religion, philosophy, science and routines of life.

lll.   Being a Resource for Those Who Seek to Study and Research the Influence of “Four-Element Thinking” in Human Culture

If you are in an academic field where the four elements are part of your research, and would like to be included as a resource for others, please contact us.

lV.   Using the Four Element Knowledge System to Motivate and Help People Develop Healthier Lifestyles

This project is current and ongoing and is specifically oriented to professionals in the healthcare system who see the potential four-element holistic thinking has in changing the way people approach health.  Please contact the Institute to get more information. We believe that as people understand “the four elements” they will gravitate toward doing things that are health-building.

V.   Creating a Health Class Module for Middle and High School Students that Apply the Holistic Concept of Balance

The four elements relate to a set of values that are time-honored and positive insofar as the health of ourselves and our larger culture. We are looking to gain funding for the development of a “health class” segment where holistic four element concepts are used to promote healthier lifestyle choices for young people.

VI.  Mobilize People to do Environmentally Positive, Nature-Minded Local and National Activities

Are you looking for an exciting and new context to help others to be more Nature-oriented? The Institute has a small budget for the creation of local programs that bring an increased awareness to the way the sun, air, water and earth relate to a set of four cosmos-spanning principles.

VII. Four Element Project Open to the Public

The Institute believes that four-element thinking is a way of understanding the world that can help all people. If you would like to apply four-element concepts to your life, explain to the Institute in 500 words or less, where in your life you are seeking to integrate this ancient knowledge system; perhaps your how and why. Please put “Four Element public project” in the subject line.

We will do our best to steer you into the right direction to help you find useful tools for your particular goals, especially on how to use the four element scorecard effectively for your purposes. You will eventually be sent a feedback/survey form to note observations you’ve made while integrating the four elements into the circumstances of your own personal life.