The following are some resources we have available. Please check back because we are always adding more.

Resources for Everyone

The Institute believes that four-element thinking is a way of understanding the world that can help all people where they are now. If you would like to apply four- element concepts to your life, the following may prove useful to you:

I.   Download The Free 4 Element Scorecard

As part of his Growing Holistically learning program, Dr. Walsdorf has created a unique 4 Element Scorecard. With it you can begin tapping into this four-element way of understanding the balance we each make between different ideals, values, and principles as they play out in our lives. The 4 Element Scorecard can help you get an immediate sense of practical ways to appreciate this foursome in your life.

II.   View Articles About Four Element Holistic Theory

An Elegant Universe: Appreciating the Holistic Pattern that Unifies the Cosmos
Click here to read on, or download the PDF below.

A New Holistic Model of the Human Body and its Biomechanics
Click here to read on, or download the PDF below.

III.   Watch Our Documentary

The Four Element Story” explains how Nature’s four elements act as a Rosetta Stone to help us all understand the world better.